The Magnum MK5 remarkable power-to-weight ratio delivers mind-blowing acceleration in the low 3-second range. The addictive power delivery from the lightweight engine will give you chills as the revs blast up to the 11,000 rpm redline. The lighting fast shifts of the 6-speed sequential gearbox will make you feel like a racing star.



The amazing handling, which generates lateral cornering forces in excess of 2Gs, conveys confidence and predictability. Coupled with the neck-wrenching powerful braking, it will leave you speechless. Easy to drive fast, the Magnum MK5 guarantees to excite the senses.




The Magnum MK5 is not only fast; it is equally versatile. From its cargo compartment that can easily accommodate two race helmets and a briefcase, to its street-legal amenities like full lighting and reverse camera, the Magnum MK5 can be king at the racetrack or on the road.




The Magnum MK5 well thought-out mechanical simplicity has been developed to offer easy adjustability as well as easy maintenance. Most components that require maintenance are sourced from well-known brands and widely available for quick service anywhere in the world.

Designed with modularity in mind to facilitate maintenance and reduce repair costs, mechanical components and bodywork sections can be easily removed or individually replaced.

Because it is built to handle abuse, the MK5 has very low running costs. It can easily be maintain by its owner, or by any established sports car shop. It does not require a full crew to run or special tools. You just jump in and drive!



The Magnum MK5's styling is bold and innovative. The aggressive yet purposeful design blends sleekness with forward thinking which will ensure its relevance through time. Pure and intricate, the Magnum MK5 will make you want to admire it from every angle.



The development of the MK5 is directly related to Magnum's expertise with open-wheel formula cars and closed-wheel sport-prototypes. The functional aerodynamics offer a decisive dose of downforce that is easy to manage, displaying confidence without being overwhelming. It also optimizes cooling for the engine and surrounding components.




Achieving the perfect balance of all the elements is key. At Magnum, we work smart to attain that perfect equilibrium between styling and performance, between lightness and strength, between innovation and simplicity.




Following our heritage, Magnum strives through continuous search to implement advanced technologies from the highest levels of motorsports. Components are purposefully built with second-to-none build quality, using advanced materials like aero-grade billet aluminum or carbon fiber. The refinement and meticulous attention to detail result in the highest level of finish.

We only work with the best people in the business and we source only the best high performance components. We are driven by excellence and believe it is of the utmost importance to offer you a product that does not compromise on quality, performance, ease of use and safety.






The Magnum MK5's exterior styling extends into the cockpit where a modern look mixes with purposeful ergonomics. Designer-worthy CNC machined aluminum levers fall right in place, blending nicely with the race-inspired carbon fiber seats. Great attention to details contributes to controls that are intuitive, while easy-to-read backlit digital gauges, with built-in GPS-enabled laptimer, are mounted directly onto the removable suede-wrapped steering wheel.




The safety cell, which has been engineered for optimized safety, displays racecar rigidity and stiffness levels. Inside, both driver and passenger are secured by 6-point racing harnesses. The high level of safety of the Magnum MK5 means that you can fully focus your mind at the pure pleasure of driving.



One key aspect that is very important to us at Magnum is creating an awesome ownership experience; to make you feel as if you are part of an elite squadron; to achieve a sense of privilege and pride among MK5 owners.

By offering a personalized and individualized service, Magnum strives to offer you a privileged status as well as an incredible ownership experience. From the moment you lay eyes on the Magnum MK5, through the order and manufacturing processes, all the way to delivery and beyond, the Magnum ownership experience is unique, high-end and exclusive.

As members of the Magnum family, we want you to feel that you are an integral part of automotive history.