• Magnum MK5 - Street Fighter
  • Magnum MK5 - Track Warrior

Magnum MK5

Boasting racecar performance and supercar build quality and styling

The Magnum MK5 bold styling, muscular stance and aggressive demeanor are designed to make you, the driver, the center of attraction. It impresses with its great build quality and easy to maintain construction. Blending safety with technological advancements, the MK5 uses premium materials like carbon fiber composites and aircraft grade billet aluminum.

The Magnum MK5 is also fast…very fast! On the track, its mind-blowing speed, thrilling handling and awesome sounding high-revving engine will put a huge grin on your face.



Very easy to drive fast, it can overtake most cars, outshining more expensive and legendary track-oriented sport cars.



In addition to being an amazing track warrior, the Magnum MK5 is also an outstanding street fighter. One that will challenge any sports car or supercar on their preferred territory: the road. With its light and agile nature, the Magnum MK5's amazing acceleration and handling is pure driving bliss.

The MK5’s open cockpit "speedster" styling is perfect for both the thrills of trackdays and Sunday drives through mountain roads. The MK5’s "rock star" stance will make owners feel right at home amongst luxury supercars during a night out on the town.

This reflects the MK5’s dual personality.