Brio Innovation Takes Up the Challenge

  • Montreal, Canada, December 06, 2013

As a specialized design firm with a strong expertise in transportation design, amongst others, Brio Innovation was a natural choice for Magnum to join forces with for the development of the MK5 bodywork, cockpit design and 3D CAD surface modelling.

Magnum approached Brio Innovation with general guidelines for the Magnum MK5's styling. Despite the many technical constraints and challenges, Brio was able to propose a unique styling and features that were in line with Magnum's design direction and develop optimum solutions in collaboration with Magnum's technical department.

"Brio's great expertise and ability to understand what we were trying to communicate made them the perfect design partners. Their team's creativity, remarkable CAD modelling skills and professionalism allowed our project to flow and for our vision to become a reality” points out Bruno St-Jacques, President and Chief Designer of Magnum. "Understanding Magnum's values and vision, Brio's rigorous attention to detail means that they went the extra mile to make sure that every surface, every edge, looked perfect from any direction. This attention to detail and full understanding of the project ensured a final product that looks stunning."

Pierre Rondeau, General Manager at Brio adds: "Brio Innovation couldn't be more proud of our collaboration with Magnum; it was a real team effort. Both partners were very receptive to each other's suggestions and ideas and we developed innovative solutions together. We were up for the challenge and surpassed our partner's expectations."

The Magnum MK5 is a track-focused lightweight supercar. Its Speedster styling is perfect for both the thrills of track days and Sunday drives. Its bold and intricate design matches its cutting-edge and high performance spirit. The MK5’s remarkable handling and speed offer a driving experience like no other.